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Serving seniors and disabled people over 18 of the Greater New Bedford area, Project Independence provides a program of services and activities that enable these individuals to remain in their homes and communities—helping to bridge the gap between total independence and long term care. Your loved one will benefit from a safe and reassuring environment where they are treated with dignity and respect. Certified geriatric nurses and a professional, multilingual staff provides health care monitoring, challenging activities stimulating social experiences, and good nutrition.


Our Story

Our History

Project Independence, a community-based, non-profit organization, was founded in July 1982 by a group of individuals concerned with the health and wellbeing of the elderly and disabled who needed assistance and support in order to remain independent and live at home.

Since receiving certification from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Project Independence has developed a diverse program that has helped improve the physical and mental health of over 400 adults.

Through our unique, flexible programs, we strive to:

  • Recognize each individual’s unique strengths and weaknesses as well as their potential for growth and development.
  • Assume a holistic approach to well being—recognizing the interrelationship among the physical, social, emotional and environmental factors.
  • Restore and stimulate capacities for independence through promoting positive attitudes toward self-image, while providing supports for functional limitations.
  • Reduce the isolation and prejudice usually associated with the frail and impaired.
  • Ensure continued relationships within the family structure and community by enabling your loved one to maintain those roles for as long as possible.
  • Prevent premature/inappropriate institutionalization by helping families meet and cope with all the physical, social, and emotional needs of your loved one.
  • Become an extended family for participants and caregivers by offering them the resources, education, support, and counseling they need.
  • Affirm the value of human life, dignity, and self worth of your loved one.

Hours of Operation

7:30am – 4:30pm

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We are closed

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PROJECT INDEPENDENCE 250 Elm Street • New Bedford, MA 02740 • (508) 997-1441

funded by Title III-E of the Older American Act sponsored by Coastline Elderly Services